Weekly Career Tip-Salary

Career tip

research & have the right expectations about the salary for your skill & experience level

Have you received a job offer right after college graduation and it’s not quite what you want and you’re planning to negotiate for a higher salary? First, ask yourself what are you bringing to the table…besides your degree?

Your degree should provide you with the basic skills and knowledge to begin a career in your field. The thing to remember is that it provides many other college students with those same skills and knowledge. It’s the experiences that you have in your field beyond the degree that makes you stand apart from these other college students. Internships, Co-op, Freelance work…gaining experience in your field is what will give you a leg up over your competition and the leverage to potentially negotiate a higher salary. It demonstrates your ability to put the skills learned in school to practical use. It takes some of the guesswork out of the equation for the employer.

With that being said, you must do your research and have the right expectations about the salary that an individual with your degree, skill level and experience can expect. Don’t start the interview process blind. Remember, employers pay for experience, someone that can start and immediately add value day one. If you can do that then go for it.

Below are some tools that will help you research and gain the right expectations about salary.

Salary Checker
Designed for job seekers to check your market rate in over 20 countries and it allows you to check and compare pay globally. You can also compare salaries for several jobs at one time, check rates for both permanent and contract positions and it covers a large range of professions.

This app is a tool for getting a great starting salary or salary raise. It covers all the stages of the job search, interview, offer and salary negotiation process and provides a wealth of expert closing tactics to help you gain the upper hand when negotiating your future income.

With zopaf you will be able to accurately evaluate and compare thousands of compensation packages. With the extensive list of negotiables, you can explore what others are negotiating and select the ones that are most important to you. With zopaf, you will easily see which offers are the best and chart a path to one of the best offers.

Track My Salary
This app is actually useful for those already working and really helpful if you’re working in a shift job. It allows you to easily keep track of your time worked, overtime, shifts etc. so you can keep track of your salary.

What experiences or tips can you share about negotiating salary?