Can you answer “yes” to these 5 questions?

If you are truly prepared for your next interview the answer to these questions below should all be “yes”.

If you answer “no” to any of them, you have a bit more work to do. Be prepared to stand out from the crowd and let your unique skills, abilities and personality shine through.

01. Do you know how many people you will meet with during the interview and who they are?

02. Have you researched the company and learned more than just what benefits they offer and where their headquarters is located?

03. Did you research and practice answering sample interview questions…including behavioral and industry specific?

04. Are you prepared to tell the employer a little about yourself as an introduction at the beginning of the interview?

05. Will you be able to clearly explain to the employer what makes you the best candidate for this particular position?

What do you think is crucial to interview preparation?

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