10 Questions to recognize your true passion

There are those that don’t even have to think about it. They know exactly what their passion is and are lucky enough to do it for their career. Others may need to think a little longer about that one thing they truly enjoy doing.

Recognizing your true passion or passions can be as easy as just sitting down and really thinking about it. Ask yourself these ten questions and hopefully you will start to see a pattern in your answers.

one: What things did I love to do as a kid?

two: What is it that friends and family always say I’m great at doing?

three: When I come home at night what do I most enjoy doing?

four: If I went back to school what would I truly want to study?

five: What parts of my current job do I love the most?

six: What type of work do I enjoy so much that I would do it for $0.00?

seven: If I could take one of my hobbies and get paid for it what would it be?

eight: If I had to work all weekend what type of work would I choose to do?

nine: What do I want to be known for?

ten: If I could create my dream job it would look like this _____.

Are you studying your true passion in school or is your true passion the focus of your career?

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